Bad Boys 4 Review & The Acolyte Reactions

This episode features reviews of Bad Boys: Ride or Die, The Watchers, and Star Wars: The Acolyte, as well as the latest geek news and movie trailer breakdowns!

The ComicBook Nation crew reviews Bad Boys: Ride or Die and the new horror-thriller The Watchers. They also share first reactions and theories about Star Wars: The Acolyte, and do a breakdown of new trailers for Alien: Romulus and Venom: The Last Dance

PLUS: Marvel Gives X-Men's Krakoa Era an epilogue to tie up loose ends and launch the new "From the Ashes" reboot.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die Review

Here's what show host Kofi Outlaw had to say in this 4-star review of Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Bad Boys: Ride or Die plays like a confident step forward for a re-invigorated franchise, rather than the last bits of gas leaking out of a dying one. It proves that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence can keep driving the characters forward – no matter what life and age bring their way – and it's still some of the most fun movie audiences can have, riding along with them. And a good ride it is – all the way to a gut-busting ending. 

Star Wars: The Acolyte Review

ComicBook critic Jamie Lovett had this to say in his 3 (out of 5) star review of The Acolyte:

Star Wars: The Acolyte stands apart from other Star Wars projects for its unique setting and for bringing new influences into the universe. It isn't executed to perfection, and there are moments when it can feel lifeless. However, there are others when it succeeds at showing that there are still unexplored corners of this Star Wars universe worth investigating. As a series built on mysteries – likely another polarizing point – much of its value will come from whether it has satisfying answers. We won't know that until the final episode. For now, it's an uneven experience likely to appeal most to those already swimming in the deep end of the Star Wars pool.

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