Best Look At Batman's Motorcycle In The Flash Revealed

There's been a lot of buzz around DC's Flash movie thanks to the increasing roster of other DC [...]

There's been a lot of buzz around DC's Flash movie thanks to the increasing roster of other DC characters making appearances, and that includes the Dark Knight. So far we know that Michael Keaton's Batman is in the mix, and the thought is that Ben Affleck's Batman is also making an appearance. Thanks to new set photos we know that a Batman will be riding his slick-looking Batcycle through the city at some point during the film, and now we have our best look yet at the new motorcycle and the latest version of the Batman costume being used, though we still don't know who this particular Batman is.

The new and improved Batcycle features a big wheel on the back and what appears to be two wheels in the front, though that could just be the outer design giving that impression. The outer shell is very utilitarian and doesn't feature the sleekness we've seen reflected in Bruce's various Batmobiles (aside from the Tumbler that is.

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It also features two weapons mounted on the left side, and odds are it has similar weapons on the opposite side as well. The photo was captured by Richard Gass, and you can check out the photo in the post above.

As for the Batman costume, it doesn't appear like any other Bat-suit we've seen thus far, though some are saying it shares the Snyder aesthetic so it could be Affleck. It could also be Keaton's Batman, but the motorcycle itself doesn't have that '89 style or sheen you would expect from Keaton's Batman universe. That said, Keaton is expected to appear in the new reality that Flash creates, so this could very well be a part of that new version of our world.

The Flash will have Ezra Miller reprising the Barry Allen role as he alters the reality of the DC film universe after going back in time to change a tragic event in his past. That will change up things considerably, and it remains to be seen what will and won't make the cut in whatever version of reality ends up sticking around after.

This will also serve as the perfect opportunity for DC to cherry pick the aspects of what they want to keep in their connected DC film universe and what they want to leave in the past, so at least for the mainline films, this could be a way to streamline it and have a fresh start.