Another Batman And New Batcycle Spotted On The Flash Movie Set

DC Movie fans are buzzing about some of the latest set videos from The Flash movie that is now in [...]

DC Movie fans are buzzing about some of the latest set videos from The Flash movie that is now in production over in the UK. That's because this particular video from The Flash shows Batman in action - and it doesn't seem to be a version of Batman that we've been before in the DC movie universe! Right now, there's a lot of speculation that the clip being filmed in Glasgow is actually Ben Affleck's Batman taking a ride through Gotham City on the Batcycle - but given the premise of The Flash movie, there's still the possibility that this could be a different version of Batman that will appear in the film!

Here's the post from one DC fan on Twitter, who shared the new Batman set video from The Flash.

"Meanwhile, #TheFlash movie's filming is at full steam in #Glasgow, and many locals are registering what seems to be #BatAffleck's #Batman going for a ride in #GothamCity in #TheFlashMovie - while real #BenAffleck's in a ride with #JLo somewhere else haha."

There is a compelling reason to think that this is indeed a sequence of Ben Affleck's Batman taking a ride in The Flash movie. First of all, the new costume looks like an updated version of Affleck's costume from Justice League; second, that Batcycle design is almost indisputably from the Snyderverse aesthetic of the character, looking like a perfect match to the larger Batmobile design that we saw in both Batman v Superman and Justice League.

The Flash will see Ezra Miller's Barry Allen / Flash mess up the reality of the DC Movie Universe by going back in time and changing the tragic events of his own past. The film is confirmed to have a least two versions of Batman that appear in the story: Affleck's Batman who exists in the "normal" reality, and Michael Keaton's Batman, who will presumably appear in the altered reality that Barry Allen creates. We don't know how many different versions of reality Barry will visit before a new DC Multiverse (and franchise) takes shape; there is plenty of room for more Batman variants to appear.

The Flash will be in theaters on November 4, 2022.