Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Star Dominique Thorne Reveals Ironheart Prep

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever's Dominique Thorne talked about all the preparation she's done to get ready for her Ironheart Disney+ series. Teen Vogue caught up with the MCU star to talk about her creative journey to this point. Thorne's school experience at Cornell University was foundational, but she was in for a lot of reading heading into Wakanda Forever. The Ironheart star chose to read everything the character's ever appeared in ahead of the big debut. She felt like it was absolutely necessary to have that handle on Riri Williams in case she ever needed to seed any of that material into her performance in Marvel's Black Panther sequel or in her solo outing. Check out what she had to say right here.

"I can't imagine not taking that time to do the dive," Thorne shared. "But then at the same time… there is nothing to research. There is nothing to know. You either feel it or you don't. That's sometimes where the magic happens. But when you know what the 'rules' are, it's easier to break them. [Like if I was] playing someone who is supposed to drown, I want to be the best swimmer in here."

She added, "I'm very, very, very grateful for this whole journey that Ironheart gave me, because that's the only reason why I feel now, on the other side of my first step in the MCU, I'm not as fearful about anything [in my career], the way that I was before."

More Riri Williams To Come on Disney+

Thorne also spoke to Rolling Stone about Ironheart on Disney+ last year. She says that there are some sides to Riri that fans didn't get to see during Wakanda Forever that will be explored during her solo outing.

"Oh yeah. Because we also have to remember that the Riri we see in Wakanda Forever is a Riri under duress. She is in this super heightened situation. And she's…I wouldn't say silencing herself, but acting however someone would act when they know that they are responsible for causing a war between nations," Thorne explained. "However someone would act when they've just been kidnapped in the middle of their day when they were planning to go to differential equations class in 15 minutes. So it's a lot of heightened situations, which means we get to see Riri doing her best to perform respect for royalty, to know her role as the person who incited all this pain."

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