Boss Baby 2 Trailer Announced

It looks like Dreamworks is back in the Boss Baby business, as the official Dreamworks Animation [...]

It looks like Dreamworks is back in the Boss Baby business, as the official Dreamworks Animation account just shared a teaser for the upcoming sequel. The account posted a silhouetted image of what clearly looks like the little baby girl we saw at the end of the original holding a phone. The announcement teases a trailer debuting soon (specifically next Tuesday), with the caption "BIG NEWS! Very excited to announce that we're expecting a new addition to the DreamWorks family. Look out for the new #BossBaby trailer this Tuesday." You can check out the post below.

The phone shows a story that reads "Rumored new Baby Corp CEO rattles the stock market." The text below that says : Breaking news from Baby Corp today, as shares are going through the roof, while the world waits to meet the newest Boss Baby."

The original film ends with an older Tim, Boss Baby, and Tim's daughter meeting her new little sister. When we finally see her she is sporting a suit as well, but according to screenwriter Michael McCullers, that was an ending just done for fun. It seems that's changed though, as the image implies that is in fact canon.

"I can't even remember who came up with that," McCullers told THR. "We're just trying to tell the best story with the characters. It's in no way meant to be a twist or for a sequel. The producers just had a little fun at the end."

"If there were to be a sequel, I would be very happy," McCullers said. "We haven't talked about it at all — that's more of a finger-crossed kind of thing. We didn't think about making this a franchise-able thing."

As we can clearly see, that changed after the box office success of the first film, which has also spun off an animated series since the original released. It's also funny that the sequel to the original novel was called The Bossier Baby and focused on a newborn daughter as well, though that didn't factor into the ending.

"That was a coincidence!" McCullers said. "It's sort of a natural next chapter for her, but I don't think there was any clever coordination between the movie and the writer."

Now it seems that will happen in the movie universe, and we can't wait to see the new trailer!