BossLogic's Avengers Fan Art Sells for Over $65K on Blockchain Auction

BossLogic actually sold a piece of Avengers fan art for over $65,000 on a blockchain auction. His [...]

BossLogic actually sold a piece of Avengers fan art for over $65,000 on a blockchain auction. His take on The Last Supper with all Marvel characters sold for a cool $35,000 and the other variant sold for a similar price. It's staggering to think of someone paying these prices for digital art, but some people really loved the work and want to support. On social media, it's been a constant stream of photoshops from the artist since the quarantine period began almost a year ago. Whether supporting essential workers, or finding a way to shop the latest casting rumors, BossLogic has been all over it. Now, with the help of Niftygateway, there's an absolute market for this kind of artwork and you can probably expect it to expand in the future.

If you're wondering how it all works, then Niftygateway has some choice words about their auctions, "Once we have figured out what Nifties they are going to make, we will unveil all of them at once via an exhibition. An exhibition will only be live on our website for a limited period of time. If you really covet an item from an exhibition, the only way to guarantee that you get it is to show up and buy when the exhibition goes live. Once an exhibition closes or sells out, you will still be able to buy nifties from it on the secondary market, but you will have to buy them from other users and not directly from the creator."

The company describes the "Genesis" down below:

"Boss Logic is a giant in the entertainment industry, from humble beginnings, creating "fan art" and posting on social media, he is now regularly commissioned by Marvel and DC to create art for their movies. He's become so influential that the studios even take notice of his "Fan Cast" art where he will choose actors for characters and create his own "mash up" poster. In 2017 he created a work portraying Rosario Dawson as a character in The Mandalorian, it gained so much popularity that it got the attention of Rosario and the producers that she actually landed the part!"

"IV gallery has curated some of Boss Logics greatest hits for his first drop with us, it will be the Genesis of a whole new NFT genre. This drop will, and is already opening the floodgates for the art of the DC/Marvel/Comic book universe to enter the NFT space with Nifty Gateway, we're excited to be part of history in the making."

How much would you pay for a piece of BossLogic's art? Let us know in the comments!