WandaVision: BossLogic Creates Eerie Poster Inspired by House of M

'Episode 1' and 'Episode 1' of WandaVision were released on Disney+ this week, and they have [...]

"Episode 1" and "Episode 1" of WandaVision were released on Disney+ this week, and they have already sparked tons of fan theories. There was a lot to unpack in the first two episodes as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) live out their lives in a suburban sitcom fantasy. Many people have wondered if the show is taking the same direction as House of M, one of the biggest Scarlet Witch stories in Marvel Comics. In the story, Wanda has a mental break that leads to everyone in the Avengers and X-Men having their deepest desire come true. In the end, in an attempt to fix her mistakes, Wanda declares, "No more mutants," which took away the powers of 91.4% of the mutant population. Many have theorized that WandaVision will take the opposite approach, and have her declare, "More mutants," ushering in a new era of the MCU that could include the X-Men. While Kevin Feige has said it will be a while before the X-Men come into play, some people are still having fun with the theory. In fact, BossLogic recently created an epic poster that was clearly House of M-inspired.

"'No' #WandaVision @disneyplus I whispered on with 'more mutants' 😁," BossLogic wrote. Of course, in "Episode 2," Wanda does declare "no" at one point, rewinding reality. This might be the closest we get to the House of M moment. Either way, BossLogic's poster is pretty cool. Check it out below:

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Another potential House of M nod in WandaVision included a bottle of wine labeled Maison du Mépris, which translates into English as "House of Contempt." This had people wondering if "House" and "Mépris" together was supposed to be a reference to House of M. During a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Olsen was asked about the easter egg.

"This wine bottle," Kimmel said, showing the bottle onscreen. "It says Maison du Mépris. It translates to, 'House of Misery.'" Olsen laughed at Kimmel, before he added, "Which could be saying that the series is based on the popular comic House of M, in which Wanda has a breakdown."

Olsen has plenty of practice dodging Marvel spoilers, so instead of confirming or denying the House of M rumor, she just praised "our prop guy Russell." Olsen teased, "Russell would be a very, very clever man if he put that in." Kimmel replied, "So no, then? Interesting."

How much of House of M do you think will come into play during WandaVision? Tell us in the comments!

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