'Bumblebee' Will Feature G1 Optimus Prime and Cybertron

The Transformers franchise once again made a spectacle during Paramount's Hall H panel at San [...]

The Transformers franchise once again made a spectacle during Paramount's Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con, revealing some new footage and key details about the inaugural spinoff movie Bumblebee.

The film seems to be going back to the franchise's '80s roots, and the presentation showcased some visuals and information that's sure to excite longtime fans of the franchise — maybe even those who have become jaded by the last four films from Michael Bay.

Even though the movie focuses on the fan-favorite Autobot, Bumblebee will also feature some classic elements and characters from Transformers lore, including the stalwart leader Optimus Prime.

But it won't be any old version of the character. According to the footage description that was aired during the Hall H presentation, Optimus Prime looked more like his G1 version from the '80s in a quick hologram appearance.

Unfortunately, that wasn't enough for actor Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus himself, who took part in the fan question-and-answer session of the show by pointing out his character wasn't in a lot of the footage. Director Travis Knight retorted by saying that the film is, in fact, called Bumblebee for a reason.

But the movie will also explore other aspects of Transformers canon, including a trip to Cybertron in its (for lack of a better world) prime.

"I mean, if they are going to give me the money to do it, how could I not take the opportunity to visit Cybertron," Knight said.

The director also stated his intent for making Bumblebee's earliest moments on Earth and why they will define his character in the future of the franchise.

"This is an origin story. Bumblee has always had the greatest connection with humans and humanity," Knight said. "What is it about him and us that can connect them together. We find out who he was before he met us, then we see how he becomes who he becomes and why, and then what he does after that."

It sounds like Bumblebee will be unlike any other Transformers film yet, using the opportunity to hone its focus on one of the most popular Autobots in the franchise and tell a more personal story.

We'll learn more ahead of Bumblebee's premiere in theaters on December 21st.

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