Transformers' 'Bumblebee' TV Spot Provides First Look At Multiple Seeker Decepticons

Before long — this coming weekend, in fact — Bumblee will find itself in theaters across the [...]

Before long — this coming weekend, in fact — Bumblee will find itself in theaters across the country. The Paramount marketing team has been putting the pedal to the metal trying to get as much marketing collateral for the movie out as possible.

In the most recent television spot — apparently for the Taiwanese television market — for the Travis Knight-helmed flick, we get our first look at a set of Seeker Decepticons, with their classic "Generation 1" look and feel. The two Decepticons are seen battling Optimus Prime and Bumblebee on the classic Transformers homeworld of Cybertron.

While speaking with CNET, Knight mentioned that no how matter how "big" he could go with Bumblee, the movie still wouldn't end up bigger than the last movie in the franchise — Michael Bay's Transformers: The Last Knight.

"It wasn't in any way addressing any feedback from the fans," Knight said. "It was just a story I wanted to tell. That last one [Transformers: The Last Knight] is one of the biggest movies I've ever seen -- and I couldn't go bigger than that. So let's go the other way, let's focus in on a small corner of this canvas and really get to know one of these characters. Let's balance the emotions with the explosions ... The core relationship mattered to me more than anything else. And if that didn't work, none of the other stuff matters. It's just bombast. It's just eye candy."

With the domestic premiere of Bumblee on the horizon, coupled with the fact the movie is being widely regarded as the best movie of the Transformers franchise yet, the future is looking pretty bright for Knight. After having roots in animation, Knight locked down his first live-action feature film with Bumblebee.

The buzz surrounding the latest Transformers flick has been so prevalent, Knight had been rumored to replace James Gunn on Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. According to the director, however, the reports are nothing more than just rumors.

"After Bumblebee, my goal is to return to work at the animation studios Laika, my 'child' bringing with me all the baggage of experiences I have gained with this project," Knight said. "I'm a huge fan of what Marvel did, it's no surprise for anyone to know that as a child I was a huge fan of comics. But no, it's just a rumor!"

Are you looking forward to seeing Bumblebee in theaters? What do you think of the new designs for these characters? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Bumblebee speeds into theaters December 21st.