Cats Star Judi Dench Complains Her Costume Looked Like "Five Foxes F-ing on My Back"

The year 2019 brought a whole lot of amazing content, but it also gave us Cats. The movie was a [...]

The year 2019 brought a whole lot of amazing content, but it also gave us Cats. The movie was a massive flop, having cost $95 million to make but only earned $73,695,985 million worldwide. The movie is up on Rotten Tomatoes with a 21% critics score and a 53% audience score, but despite all of the terribleness, the movie has managed to garner quite the cult following. Even though it's loved by many, there are some people involved with the film who just want to forget it ever existed. Recently, Judi Dench, who played Old Deuteronomy in the movie, interviewed with Vogue and discussed Cats, and she didn't hold back when it came to opinions on her costume.

"The cloak I was made to wear!" Dench proclaimed. "Like five foxes f**king on my back." The article revealed that Dench hasn't seen the whole film, but the "elegant" look she was hoping for certainly didn't come to be. "A battered, mangy old cat," she added, appalled. "A great big orange bruiser. What's that about?" Despite the movie being a major flop, Dench did share a sweet story about another actor who reached out to her about enjoying it. "I had a very nice email… no, not an email." A text? "Yes, a text, from Ben Whishaw [the actor], who just doted on it. So sweet. So lovely."

Back in March, the Cats saga took a wild turn with the roller coaster ride that was the existence of the "Butthole Cut." Jack Waz, a writer in Hollywood and Twitter personality, revealed he heard third hand of the existence of a version of the film that featured "CGI buttholes that had been inserted." Waz revealed that a friend-of-a-friend had been hired to remove said buttholes months ahead of the release of the film. The existence of this alternate version was seemingly debunked by someone else that worked on the series, and Universal Pictures officially commented on the matter.

Fans are not entirely deterred from the idea of seeing The Butthole Cut of Cats though as there is some truth to the online rumor. Noted internet prankster Ben Mekler, whose tweets about Cats spawned the revelation of the "butthole cut," shared an update from someone that worked in VFX on the film revealed that the fur technology on the film created instances where "the skin and fur sim was groomed or just folded in a way that really REALLY looked like very furry lady genitals and buttholes by accident."

Cats is now available for home viewing... if you dare.