Here's What Channing Tatum Could Look like as He-Man in 'Masters of the Universe'

Channing Tatum Masters Universe Movie He-Man

Right now fans of the He-Man franchise are still waiting for that Masters of the Universe reboot film, while fans of Channing Tatum are still waiting for the actor to get his breakout role in a superhero movie. Unfortunately, Tatum's Gambit movie looks to be in development limbo at the moment, but maybe that's just an opportunity to solve two problems at once? See for yourself:

This mockup of Tatum as He-Man isn't the best photoshop job, per se, but it does make a strong case for the actor maybe stepping into the role of Prince Adam / He-Man. Tatum obviously has the physique and action prowess for the role, but more importantly, he's also demonstrated a clear comical ability that would be key for the character, as well.

As stated, Fox's plan for a Gambit movie have stalled, despite repeatedly nearing a production start date, locking down a cast and script, and blowing through two directors (Edge of Tomorrow's Doug Liman and Pirates of the Caribbean's Gore Verbinski). With Fox having sold 20th Century Fox to Disney, the future of the X-Men movie franchise is now mutating (see what I did there?); no telling if a Gambit solo movie is something that still is - or should be - in the cards.

Meanwhile, the Masters of the Universe movie has just lost director David S. Goyer, so having someone like Channing Tatum come onboard would go a long way toward giving the project some much-needed forward momentum.


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