Clint Eastwood Reportedly Prepping Final Film Before Retiring

Hollywood legend and Academy Award winner Clint Eastwood may be getting ready to hang it all up. According to a report from Discussing Film, Eastwood is prepping what is being "internally billed" as the final film of his extensive career. The site reports that the movie is set up at Warner Bros., where Eastwood has made all his movies for the past fifteen years. They note that the film is thriller which currently has the title  "Juror #2." Casting for the project hasn't yet officially begun but considering the speed with which Eastwood can put his projects together, and even get them finished, more details on the movie could very likely be revealed in the coming weeks.

Though the site makes it clear that internal conversations on the movie are that it will be labeled his last, and that Eastwood's "current plan is to retire completely" afterward, the potential for another movie afterward could still pop up. As far as the film itself, Discussing Film reports that the movie is a thriller follows "a juror on a murder trial who realizes that he may have caused the victim's death and must grapple with the dilemma of whether to manipulate the jury to save himself, or reveal the truth and turn himself in." The film also appears to be an original script, which makes it an outlier in Clint's filmography; seven of his last eight movies have been based on real events or people.

Over the years Eastwood has become known for a few things as a director, like filming one take of a shot and moving on, as well as bringing his movies in on time and under budget. Twice Eastwood has won the Best Director and Best Picture Academy Awards, including for 1993's Unforgiven and 2005's Million Dollar Baby, for a total of four Oscars of his own. He was most recently nominated for 2015's American Sniper, the highest grossing film of his career.

One thing that is of note with Eastwood bringing his final film to Warner Bros. are the reports from last year that made it seem like the partnership had soured. Ever since 2008's Gran Torino, all of Eastwood's movies have been distributed by Warner Bros. but when the Warner Bros. Discovery merger was completed it seemed like it could become a thing of the past. 

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal at the time, new President and CEO David Zaslav apparently "grilled" WB executives about the cost of Eastwood's most recent movie Cry Macho. When it was noted that they'd been in business with him for a decade, Zaslav reportedly said "We don't owe anyone any favors." Seems the favor is being returned at least one more time though.