Dax Shepard Takes Blame After Motorcycle Accident Leaves Him Hospitalized

Actor Dax Shepard's love for cars and motorcycles in his spare time was put on the big screen with his feature films Hit and Run and the reboot of CHiPS, but his hobby recently landed him in the hospital. Speaking on his Armchair Expert podcast, Shepard revealed that he recently had a motorcycle accident while out driving on a track. The actor was able to shake off his injuries for a time after they occurred, even going back onto the track to continue riding just 90 minutes after sustaining them, but eventually the pain became too much and he went to the hospital and got a laundry list of injuries.

"I was passing six guys at Sonoma Race Way on a motorcycle and I was breaking very, very hard - hard enough that the back wheel was off the ground for a good 100 yards," Shepard recounted on the podcast. "And then some turned in, as they had the right to, I was totally at blame. I thought I would be the slide in between, but someone turned in and and I was already under full breaking, I couldn't go anywhere. I clip their bumper. and then I went over the handlebars and landed pretty hard. First time I've ever been down on the track, It was a little demoralising, it was a bummer."

He continued, "Side note, got thoroughly yelled at by the track crew over not getting off the track soon enough. The rules are, with good reason that you should, the second you crash, get off the track so you don't get hit by a motorcycle....They really let me have it and I was too injured to really object."

When all was said and done, Shepard revealed that as of the recording of his show he had been at the hospital for seven hours. "The final tally was four broken ribs, the clavicle's broken in three places, and I need surgery," he revealed. "And then I broke my hand that I had broke a couple months ago. But good news, I had broke three of those metacarpals (fingers) before, and those held up."


You can find a photo of Shepard showing off his injuries that he posted on Instagram below.

(Cover photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery, Inc.)