Disney's 'Aladdin': Will Smith Posts Tribute to Robin Williams' Genie

The first full trailer for Disney's Aladdin live-action movie has given the film a much-needed [...]

The first full trailer for Disney's Aladdin live-action movie has given the film a much-needed boost with mainstream viewers, as the new footage revealed much better visual effects, as well as our first look at the beloved songs of the original animated film.

Since Aladdin began production, one of the most highly-debated aspects of the film has been the casting of Will Smith as The Genie - a role made iconic and famous by the late Robin Williams. After seeing the improved depiction of Genie in this new Aladdin trailer, Disney fans seem to be liking Will Smith's version of the character, which is why the actor couldn't be more of a class act with timing of the following tribute post to Robin Williams:

Seriously, Will Smith could've spent his day taking a victory lap regarding the more positive wave of buzz surrounding his version of Genie, but instead he's using the attention to show respect to one of the Disney's G.O.A.T.s. Some of you more cynical fans out there may look at the move by Smith and surmise that actor is attempting to drum up favor with Disney die-hards, and there could be some amount of truth to that. If you aren't getting love for your version of Genie, invoking the holy name of Robin Williams is a great way to easily prompt a wave of supportive "likes" for the reference. After all, the picture was created by Luigi Lucarelli, a character designer for Disney TV, Hasbro, and other kid-friendly companies and brands. So it's not exactly amateur fan art as it is studio-approved social media posting. Just saying...

For the less cynical movie fans out there, this is just a nice show of love from one actor / comedian to another, in recognition of both the talent of Robin Williams, and the trailblazing performance that has now left Smith with the opportunity to score one of his biggest box office hits in years.

Disney's Aladdin is set to hit theaters on May 24th.


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