New Disney Conspiracy Theory Suggests 'Frozen' Is a Cover-Up

What if Walt Disney Animation actually created Frozen to divert attention away from one of the internet's most popular conspiracy theories? Yes, it sounds a bit silly, but one Reddit user actually makes a solid argument.

A recent Reddit thread asked users what conspiracy theory they bought into and why, and a user by the name of FoznorLB quickly grabbed the attention of the others in participation, and rose to the the top of the thread.

"Disney's Frozen is only titled like that so when you Google 'Disney frozen' the movie comes up instead of conspiracy theories," the user wrote.

For years, people all around the world have been convinced that the man behind the mouse, Walt Disney, was cryogenically frozen, keeping his mind in-tact so that he could be brought back to life when technology allowed it. While this Reddit user isn't saying that theory is necessarily true, they are stating that the Walt Disney company was tired of people asking about it.

Before Frozen was released in 2013, searching "Disney frozen" on Google would bring you to a plethora of theories and articles about why Walt Disney was actually frozen, and why the company was keeping it a secret. However, if you Google that same thing today, you'll find nothing but dancing snowmen, ice princesses, and the lyrics to the ever-popular song "Let it Go."


The comments on the Reddit post used those same lyrics to reference the new Frozen theory. Maybe Disney doesn't want to let people in, or let them see what the company is hiding. Perhaps Disney is sick of "holding back" all of its secrets and wants people to stop talking about it.

What do you think? Is the title of Frozen all part of an elaborate cover scheme? Or should all of these conspiracy theorists just do themselves a favor and let it go?