F9: John Cena Is Ready for Fast & Furious Crossover With The Rock's Hobbs (Exclusive)

John Cena makes his debut in the Fast Saga with F9, a franchise which previously featured Dwayne [...]

John Cena makes his debut in the Fast Saga with F9, a franchise which previously featured Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson before he got a spinoff with Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, but Cena confirms he's open to seeing his character collide with Hobbs in a future adventure. Given that both performers made names for themselves in the WWE before becoming major movie stars, it would only make sense to see them go head to head in a new adventure, though with it being unknown when, or if, Johnson will return to the Fast Saga, fans will merely have to cross their fingers about such a bout taking place. F9 hits theaters on June 25th.

"Well, I am definitely not high in the decision-making ladder in that process, so I'm a dreamer just like you," Cena confirmed with ComicBook.com about such a faceoff. "I would say that the things that I know are it was very captivating entertainment for over two years in WWE programming and usually what's entertaining is entertaining. I'd like to see it. Well, like I said, I'm pretty low on the decision-making ladder in that."

Johnson debuted in Fast Five and would reprise his role in two more sequels. His Hobbs and Jason Statham's Shaw earned their own spinoff in 2019, which was due in part both to the franchise attempting to expand outside the proper narrative as well as behind-the-scenes tensions between Johnson and Vin Diesel.

Those tensions were made public back in 2016, with Johnson expressing his frustrations with "male co-stars," with an Instagram post noting of them, "Some conduct themselves as stand up men and true professionals, while others don't. The ones that don't are too chicken sh-t to do anything about it anyway. Candy asses. When you watch this movie next April and it seems like I'm not acting in some of these scenes and my blood is legit boiling - you're right."

Diesel and Johnson have reportedly made amends, with Diesel recently weighing in on the "feud."

"As a producer, to say, 'Okay, we're going to take Dwayne Johnson, who's associated with wrestling, and we're going to force this cinematic world, audience members, to regard his character as someone that they don't know' — Hobbs hits you like a ton of bricks," Diesel explained to Men's Health. "That's something that I'm proud of, that aesthetic. That took a lot of work. We had to get there and sometimes, at that time, I could give a lot of tough love. Not Felliniesque, but I would do anything I'd have to do in order to get performances in anything I'm producing."

F9 is slated to hit theaters on June 25th.

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