F9: Tyrese Gibson Wants a Transformers and Fast & Furious Crossover Before Jurassic Park

The original The Fast and the Furious focused on the underground world of street racing, with each [...]

The original The Fast and the Furious focused on the underground world of street racing, with each subsequent film delivering more and more unbelievable adventures, with franchise star Tyrese Gibson recently confirming that he could see the series crossing over with the world of Transformers films before it would ever cross over with the Jurassic World franchise. The mere concept of a Fast Saga crossover is largely inspired by fans trying to will it into existence, but given that fans had previously supported the idea of the franchise going to space, which it seemingly does to a degree in F9, means we can't rule out such a crossover entirely. F9 hits theaters on June 25th.

"I don't know nothing about that, man. I'm thinking that the crossover would be more Transformers and Fast than Jurassic Park," Tyrese shared with ComicBook.com when addressing the crossover idea. "Cars that become robots and vice versa. We can do that at first and then get to dinosaurs."

Part of what made a crossover with the Jurassic series seem more likely is due to the fact that both franchises come from Universal Pictures, which would make any sort of rights issues less of an actual problem. Additionally, both series earned major successes early on in their runs, only for that excitement to wane, before they both ultimately offered surprising rebounds to make them some of the most beloved and financially viable brands out there.

The live-action Transformers series, on the other hand, poses some crossover roadblocks. While each film is undeniably successful, their domestic takes have dwindled with each film since 2009's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, with 2018's Bumblebee only taking in $127.2 million. Another snag would be that the Transformers series is produced by Paramount Pictures, with a partnership between the two studios not being an impossibility, but an event that seems less likely.

Earlier this month, Jurassic World: Dominion director Colin Trevorrow also addressed the possibility of a crossover between the franchises.

"I don't want to say anything because then the memes will stop," Trevorrow confirmed with Empire about the crossover plans. "Reality is just not as much fun. I mean, have I ever heard anything about a franchise crossover? Of course not. But do I enjoy seeing people take it really seriously on Twitter? I do. So, let's just keep having fun with the what-ifs."

F9 lands in theaters on June 25th.

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