Gal Gadot Being Forced To Take Private Planes Over Netflix's Coronavirus Concerns

Don't expect to see Gal Gadot sitting in first class on your next flight, and not because she's [...]

Don't expect to see Gal Gadot sitting in first class on your next flight, and not because she's flying in the invisible jet. Despite telling People previously that she chose not to fly on private jets, TMZ reports that Gadot has been forced to fly private while working on her new film Red Notice. The choice to fly private reportedly stems from Netflix, the streaming service who is backing the new action movie, who have fears of the actress' health stemming from concerns about the Coronavirus. Netflix is also reportedly making stars Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds fly private while working on the film as well. Production on the movie is ongoing in Atlanta.

This marks the second Coronavirus related snag in the production of Red Notice, as it was previously reported the film was at a loss with what to do for some parts of the production. Though most of the movie will be shot in Atlanta, segments of production were scheduled to film in Italy; however, that country has become a hotbed of confirmed cases of the virus. The Center for Disease Control in the United States has branded the country with a "Level 3" warning for travelers, advising against "Nonessential Travel" due to "Widespread Community Transmission." The upcoming Mission: Impossible 7 has already halted production in Venice due to the same concerns.

As of now it's unclear what Netflix will do instead of filming in Italy, but it's worth noting that global locales are at the center of the film itself. Star Dwayne Johnson previously described the movie as a "global alert to hunt down and capture the worlds most wanted.The world's greatest art thief. The world's greatest tracker. The worlds greatest conman." In the end the production may have to find different parts of Georgia that can pass for other parts of the world, but check back here for more updates as we learn them.

Earlier today Johnson revealed that Netflix's CCO Ted Sarandos had visited the set of the film, revealing that the movie was Netflix's "biggest investment to date."

"Our movie, Red Notice is the biggest investment Netflix has made thus far," Johnson wrote on Instagram. "Thank you for the trust and commitment. My handshake is my word. Our accountability to Ted & his team to deliver for Netflix and most importantly, deliver something great for my one and only boss - the audience/consumer worldwide. Let's get back to work. This is a fun one."

There is currently no release date set for Red Notice, but given that it just recently began production, it likely won't arrive on Netflix until 2021.