Geoff Johns Reportedly Staying at DC Despite Ray Fisher's Claims

Stargirl creator and executive producer Geoff Johns, who has worked with DC on film and TV projects going back to Smallville, will continue on in that role, ComicBook can confirm. Earlier today, Justice League actor Ray Fisher claimed that Johns would part ways with the company. Fisher claimed that Johns was splitting up with WarnerMedia following an internal investigation into claims of abuse and a hostile workplace on the set of Justice League. Fisher, one of Zack Snyder's most ardent supporters, had leveled the accusations against Johns and filmmaker Joss Whedon, the two people who are reportedly most responsible for changes made to Justice League after Snyder left the project.

During a Twitter thread today, Fisher said that it was the Justice League investigation had led to Warner cutting ties with Whedon, and that Johns would be "following suit." Variety reported that Johns continues to have projects in development at WarnerMedia and there are no plans to push him out.

Variety cites multiple sources in their story, and ComicBook confirmed the report with an independent source.

In addition to Stargirl, Johns serves as an executive producer on Batwoman, Doom Patrol, Titans, Superman & Lois, and the upcoming Green Lantern series. All of those projects are developed with producer Greg Berlanti. Separate from Berlanti, Johns also co-wrote Wonder Woman 1984.

Johns, one of the most famous comic book writers of his generation, has become increasingly involved with the TV and film side of DC's output since the 2014 launch of The Flash. While his comics output has diminished, Johns has served as a writer, producer, or adviser on numerous projects. He was DC's chief creative officer at the time of Justice League's production, a role that he left to start his own production company, Killing Zone, through which he signed a content deal with DC to provide comics, TV, and film work while working for himself rather than Warner directly.

"I took on a role at DC Entertainment because I love the characters and this universe more than anything," said Johns at the time. "But, I want to spend my days writing and on set. I'm thrilled to get back to a more hands-on creative role. It's a dream job on dream projects, reaching even deeper into DC's vast pantheon of characters. I'm also excited to continue to work with the amazing team at DCE and my colleagues at Warner Bros."

Fisher recently said that he would not work with Warner's DC chief Walter Hamada on future projects. Days later, Hamada signed a contract extension to oversee the brand through 2023. Some articles have incorrectly characterized Fisher's comments as a public resignation from the role, which is what frustrated the actor enough to launch a new string of tweets tonight.


Fisher has previously claimed that the investigation had pushed Joss Whedon out of his HBO series The Nevers. Whedon stepped away from the show in November amid the investigation, explaining that the ambitious production was difficult to accomplish given the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. On December 11, WarnerMedia released a statement that their investigation had concluded and unspecified "remedial action" had been taken.