Hero Collector Reveals Stunning New Ghostbusters ECTO-1 Replica and Subscription Program

If you happen to be a Ghostbusters fan you are going to love what Eaglemoss Hero Collector has [...]

If you happen to be a Ghostbusters fan you are going to love what Eaglemoss Hero Collector has done with the iconic car from the franchise. That car is, of course, the ECTO-1, and Hero Collector has created an impeccably detailed die-cast version of the vehicle that fans can put together as part of their Build the Ghostbusters Ectomobile subscription program. The program was introduced at the first ever Ghostbusters Fan Fest, and as you can see from the images, the ECTO-1 has never looked better.

The Ectomobile subscription program will deliver fans plans, parts, and behind the scenes insights so they can easily assemble a 1:8 scale die-cast replica of the ECTO-1 from the original Ghostbusters, and a lot of effort was put into making this as accurate as possible. Hero Collector studied the actual 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance that was used in the original movie in pursuit of that accuracy, but you won't just get a spot on replica.

Fans can open the doors, hood, and all the windows of the ECTO-1 as well as turn off and on the headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and emergency lights, and that's in addition to the siren sounds. Once all assembled the ECTO-1 will be over 31 inches long and around 10 inches wide, and you can check out more features below.

(Photo: Hero Collector)

- Ghostbusting Roof Rack with intricately reproduced and poseable P.K.E.-detection tools
- Rotating Lights that illuminate and spin
- Opening Hood that reveals the highly detailed replica Cadillac V8 engine
- Working Headlights and Tail Lights operated from the dashboard
- Tires and Hubcaps with screen accurate Cadillac and Remington branding
- 5 Opening Doors that allow access to the authentically detailed interior

(Photo: Hero Collector)

Hero Collector revealed the finished ECTO 1 to one of the original Ghostbusters for approval, which turned out to be Ray Stantz himself Dan Aykroyd, and you can see his reaction in the video above.

Aykroyd also revealed a few details about the car used in the original film, including that the vehicle actually was an ambulance first, then a hearse, and then an ambulance again.

(Photo: Hero Collector)

"The conceit in the movie was it was a hearse converted to an ambulance, but in real life it was an ambulance that we converted to a hearse and then converted to an ambulance! The hearse just has a pallet to put the coffin in the back, but the ambulance has things like stretcher bars," Aykroyd said. "And inside, next to the side door where we put our packs, there was a little seat where patients could be attended to. There's no way a hearse would have a seat there for anyone to attend to a passenger!"

It also didn't handle all that well, though there were two versions of the vehicle and one was far faster than the other.

"That car is a wallower. It's got beautiful power steering but it's wide and handles like a boat," Aykroyd said. "It's got a really good, big motor in it, it's comfortable to sit in... It's a little difficult to drive around corners because of its width and bars underneath but then a Cadillac of that vintage isn't going to handle like a Porsche. There was one with a normal motor for pulling away and interior shots, and another one with a fast motor for getting away quickly. And, boy, it was fast. It was fun to drive it in New York with all its pot holes! As we drove by in New York, people didn't know what it was. It produced such a great reaction wherever it went!"

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