Ghostbusters Playmobil Review: Celebrate Ghostbusters Day In Style with New Figures and the Fantastic Ecto-1A

There's so much to celebrate on this awesome Ghostbusters Day, what with a new movie on the way and more cool toys and collectibles than ever for fans to collect. That includes the wealth of Ghostbusters offerings from Playmobil, who have a host of different figures, vehicles, and playsets for Ghostbusters fans of all ages. had the chance to check out a few of those sets ourselves and see how they stacked up, including the Ghostbusters Team Collector's Set, the Collector's Edition Peter Venkman figure, and the impressive Ghostbusters Ecto-1A set, and you can catch our full review of all three below.

First and foremost these are Playmobil sets, which means they are great for kids 6 and up. The figures include numerous accessories but like the figures themselves, they are bulkier and not as easy to lose. That said, some of the accessories (like the slime blasters) do come in several pieces, so you do still need to watch out a bit if you have younger kids playing with them. The same can be said for the Ecto-1A set, which features a host of smaller pieces that need to be attached. Once it's assembled you don't need to worry much, but you will want to watch out while constructing it.

Alright, let's get to the fun stuff. The Ghostbusters Team Collector's Set features Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman, Winston Zeddemore, and Ray Stantz figures, all depicted in their 1985 uniforms. The set also comes with proton packs, a neutrino wand, and a ghost trap that you can attach a figure to. The Egon and Winston figures stand out the most thanks to their expressions and hairstyles, as the only thing separating Venkman from Stantz is an oh so slightly tweaked hairstyle and the slime on Venkman's suit. The detail on the suits themselves is quite good though, and the flexible tubes on the gear is a nice touch. It's not a bad get at all for $19.99.

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Next up is the Collector's Edition 6-Inch Peter Venkman figure, which is part of a four-set of Collectible figures, each limited to 12,500 pieces. The rarity and the increased size is why the figure is more costly than your typical set at $49.99, and that will largely make this only a purchase for those who either simply adore the Playmobil visual style or are looking to have the entire set.

The figure comes with a proton pack, neutrino wand, and stickable slime, but doesn't feature any additional articulation or other features that set him apart from the regular sized figures. Each one of these does come with a different version of Slimer art on a plastic sleeve, which looks great if you decide to keep everything in the box but doesn't add much value to it if you are going to open things up.

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This is the biggest stretch of the set, as the price point is just a bit too high unless you're a Ghostbusters diehard. That said, you cannot go wrong with the third and final item, the Ecto-1A set.

The Ecto-1A set is based on the iconic version of the car from Ghostbusters II, and overall just looks fantastic. All the little decals and details already painted on are impressive, but once you get all the other decals and accessories put in place that come in the box it gets even better, especially the two awesome looking stickers that simulate the LED signs on the roof. That's not even mentioning the fact that it includes fully light up sirens and sounds via a battery pack underneath the roof, though you will need smaller screwdriver (I used a 2.0 x 40 mm) and 3 Micro 1.5 volt batteries to power it, which you might not have laying around the house.

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The set also comes with four figures in their black suits and several updated accessories that really make them look cool outside or inside the car. There's even a special trap that uses an app to project a Slimer inside, which we've gotta admit is a pretty cool bonus, and you get all of it for $59.99.

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Whether you're looking to just play with these figures or wanting to add them to your Ghostbusters display, we couldn't recommend the Ghostbusters Team Collector's Set and the Ecto-1A set more, though the Collector's Edition 6 inch figures are really only for the completionists, at least at that price point.

All in all, Playmobil knocked it out of the park with these sets, and it's a pretty good time to be a Ghostbusters fan!


This is based on a set we received from Playmobil for review.

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