Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtrack Is The #1 Album In The United States

Not only has James Gunn taken a group of little-known Marvel Comics characters and turned them into one of Marvel Studios biggest successes ever, but he's also brought seventies music back. The Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack is projected to be number one on the U.S. Albums chart when the charts are released on Thursday.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack is currently ranked at the top of the Hits Daily Double building album sales chart with close to a 10,000 sales lead on the next closest album. The Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack has seen an 81% increase in sales.


Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn celebrated the news with this post on Facebook.

Haha! The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is the NUMBER ONE record in the country! All those days as a child I spent locked in a room listening to AM radio were not wasted!

(Somewhere in a boardroom right now a movie executive is trying to give a film that's not testing well the 'Guardians soundtrack treatment but with a new twist' - say, nineties grunge hits over a buddy action comedy. This is something you will not thank me for.)