Harry Potter Star Hopes to Return for Another Movie

One beloved Harry Potter star would be totally down to return for another film. Tom Felton, Draco [...]

One beloved Harry Potter star would be totally down to return for another film. Tom Felton, Draco Malfoy for all the series fans out there, talked to People about life on the other side of the massive franchise. It turns out he looks back on the experience very fondly. Felton talks to the other young actors that he shared so much time with occasionally. It feels like not that much time has been lost to the stars as they head into the 20-year anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. (Where does the time go?) But, yeah, if Warner Bros. came calling, Felton would be right there with his hair dyed platinum blonde again to give his best as the childhood rival of The Boy Who Lived. The question of an HBO Max TV series has been broached numerous times by both fans and executives at the company. So, it's more a case of when than if it will happen.

"If you're asking me will I dye my hair blonde again to be Draco, abso-bloody-lutely. Either [him or Lucius]. I'll play Draco's kid if you really want!" Felton told the outlet. "Any chance to be a Malfoy again would be greatly accepted." "I do feel if someone else played [Draco], I'd be slightly possessive, going, 'Hang on,' " Felton says.

"I was speaking to Rupert [Grint], Daniel and Emma [Watson] separately the other day and [said], 'Twenty years, can you imagine that?' " he continued. "First of all, they all look the bloody same, literally. Rupert looks exactly the same."

"Also, we're all sort of a bit flabbergasted that it's [even] more popular [now]," Felton made sure to mention. "We're all a bit surprised by that. We're certainly excited, and made to feel old when we realize that it was 20 years ago that we made the first film."

WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar was asked about the follow-up during a recent conference. He left no doubt, "There's this little thing called Harry Potter, which is one of the most beloved franchises," Kilar explained. "And we're incredibly thankful to be able to partner with J.K. Rowling and so I would argue there's lot [sic] of fun and potential there as well."

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