'Home Alone's Macaulay Culkin Feels Bad For Burglars

Macaulay Culkin's raised the bar on home defense from burglars in the Home Alone movies, so much [...]

Macaulay Culkin's raised the bar on home defense from burglars in the Home Alone movies, so much so that nowadays he feels a bit bad about crushing their confidence.

Culkin was the star of the original Home Alone and its successful sequel Home Alone 2, where he singlehandedly defended two homes from the Wet Bandits. The Wet Bandits are rather infamous for getting destroyed by Culkin's Kevin McCallister in the movies, and all these years later Culkin took to social media to express his compassion for others who now always look over the shoulder.

"I feel bad about all the burglars who never had the confidence to rob a house on Christmas thanks to me."

The Wet Bandits are better known as Harry and Marv, played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern respectively. The two burglars tried to break into the house when the family was away on holiday vacation, though both times they were thwarted by Kevin and his chosen weaponry of around the house items. That included Irons, shattered Christmas ornaments, toy cars, nails, hammers, tool boxes, blow torches, wooden pillars, tar, oil, and giant holes. It turns out you can make a weapon out of just about anything.

The damage done to the bandits would've made any stolen item not worth the wait, as they undoubtedly had lengthy hospital bills after the fact. The story was no different in New York in the sequel, though there Kevin did get some help from his bird feeding friend in the park.

Culkin has recently paired with Google for a new ad that had some fun with his Home Alone days. The ad featured Culkin reprising his role as McCallister. He finds himself at home alone once again, but this time he has Alexa and Google to help him manage the lights, temperature, and every other aspect of the house.

It seems Google did the trick too, as the Wet Bandits drive off after surveying the house. Little do they know that's in their best interest, as they have no idea what kind of pain and punishment is in store if they decided to take on McCallister and his armada of home-made defenses.

You can check out the ad here.