Netflix Boss Reveals How Much Time Users Spend Per Day on Service

In what started out as a direct-mail DVD service, Netflix has turned itself into one of the [...]

In what started out as a direct-mail DVD service, Netflix has turned itself into one of the biggest players in the ever-expanding world of streaming. Streaming has become such a big part of everyday life, Netflix has revealed users are spending a substantial amount of time on the platform.

Speaking at the annual INTV Conference earlier today, Netflix executive Cindy Holland revealed users are spending two hours browsing Netflix per day, on average. While she wouldn't talk exact numbers, Holland — who serves as Netflix's vice president for original content — did reveal that most viewers continue watching through their televisions or smart devices over strictly mobile devices.

With the conference being held in Jerusalem, Holland made sure to put focus on Netflix's plans to ramp up production of international content.

"If a series resonates really well in its home market. it will resonate everywhere," Holland said while referencing the global success of Narcos.

Though Netflix's popularity has dwindled in superhero circles as late after the cancellation of all "Defendersverse" shows, the streaming platform has been pumping out a continual stream of content original to the streaming service. Previous reports suggested Netflix would end up spending nearly $15b on original content this year alone.

The streaming giant isn't popular with everyone. The legendary Steven Spielberg has reportedly had issues with Netflix content being eligible for inclusion in the Academy Awards. Since those reports first surfaced, Spielberg's fellow DreamWorks confounder Jefferey Katzenberg has since tried debunking the thought.

"I talked to Steven about this yesterday. I asked him very specifically — I don't have any skin in this game anymore — he said, 'I absolutely did not say that,'" Katzenberg said at South by Southwest. "He actually said nothing."

"What happened is a journalist was onto a story about this and had heard a rumor about Steven. They called a spokesperson to get a comment and honestly, just twisted it around. One, Steven didn't say that, and two, he is not going to the academy in April with some sort of plan. But he has not opined at all, nor has he aligned with some specific thing."


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