'Incredibles 2': Exactly How Many Powers Does Jack-Jack Have?

Thanks to all of the trailers for Incredibles 2, and a little short film called Jack-Jack Attack, Pixar fans knew when they went to the theaters this weekend that they'd see the youngest member of the Parr family debut all sorts of different powers. However, the vast array of Jack-Jack's abilities went beyond even the wildest of fan dreams.

Seriously, what can't this baby do?! (Heads up, there are some spoilers for Incredibles 2 ahead!)

As an audience, we knew that Jack-Jack had abilities before the movie started, but Bob first discovered that his son was special about halfway through the movie, during what will surely go down as one of the most popular Pixar scenes of all-time. While his father slept, Jack-Jack got into a fight with a wild raccoon outside of their house, and he put his powers on display.

In that scene, and throughout the rest of the film, we learned that Jack-Jack has at least 17 powers, that we know of. With an arsenal like his, it's always possible that there are more we haven't had the chance to see just yet.

What are those 17 powers? Well, we first learned that he could turn to metal at the end of the first Incredibles, but that was the only ability from the first movie that didn't make a return in the sequel.

In the raccoon scene, Jack-Jack utilizes several different abilities. This includes spontaneous combustion (basically igniting himself on fire), the ability to phase through walls and doors, multiplication (making copies of himself), super strength, laser eyes, electric emission, telekinesis, invulnerability, and blobbing (turning himself into a goo-like substance that makes any attack stick to him). Remember, that's all in one scene!

Shortly after, when Bob starts having trouble taking care of Jack-Jack at home, we learn that the baby can transport himself into a different dimension, float in the air, fly into the sky like a rocket (after a sneeze, of course), and turn into a cookie-craving purple demon monster.

When Jack-Jack spends some time with Edna later in the movie, we learn about two other interesting powers that didn't get nearly enough attention. First and foremost was the ability to literally change his appearance to match someone else. Upon seeing Edna, Jack-Jack grows a larger nose and a jet-black hairdo in order to look just like her. When Bob returns to get Jack-Jack later, we see that he's also gained the ability to mimic someone, as he's seen walking, acting, and moving exactly like Edna.

The final power that we get to see was quite literally the biggest surprise of them all. During the climactic fight at the end of the movie, when the three Parr kids are trying to help their parents, Jack-Jack suddenly turns himself into a giant. Seemingly 10 feet tall, Jack-Jack easily busts through several walls before returning to his normal size.

Which of Jack-Jack's powers was your favorite? Do you think he'll keep them all as he grows older? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below!


Incredibles 2, written and directed by Brad Bird, is now playing in theaters everywhere.