Iron Man 3: Five Scenes Revealed has provided several updates on the Iron Man 3 filming that has been taking place in [...]

Iron Man 3 set Christmas

has provided several updates on the Iron Man 3 filming that has been taking place in Wilmington, North Carolina. Through our sources close to production as well as footage revealed at Comic-Con, we have compiled a list of several scenes that will be taking place in Iron Man 3. Some of these scenes involve mild spoilers. Here are five scenes revealed from Iron Man 3.

Iron Man 3 Cape Fear Country Club5. Country Club Scene

– The first off-set shoot for Iron Man 3 took place at the Cape Fear Country Club in Wilmington, North Carolina. As part of sending reporters to that site, was the first to confirm that Mandarin would be a villain in Iron Man 3 and that part of Iron Man 3 would be set in Miami. Even though the inside of the building was tightly secured, we know that the scene involved extras dressed up as military officers and secret service. The scene likely involved the arrival of some high-ranking government official, and rumors were that it could have been either the Vice-President or the President.

4. Small Town Scene

– There has been an extensive set for Iron Man 3 built in the small town of Rose Hill, North Carolina. Even though the filming is being done in North Carolina, the scene is actually set in Tennessee. The set includes a bar, a diner, stores, a bank, a Christmas tree lot, a destroyed building, a water tower and some type of memorial shrine. From what we've gathered from our sources, the small town scene centers heavily around Tony Stark, who gets into a fight inside the bar. Our sources have indicated that the water tower will be topped as part of one scene. The most interesting set piece though is the memorial shrine, which is next to a destroyed building and includes a crater in the pavement. A number of signs around the crater indicate that someone in the military named Mike appears to have died there on December 12. 3. Malibu Mansion Scene – During Comic-Con, Marvel Studios revealed the first Iron Man 3 trailer, which included a big action sequence. A helicopter fires missiles into Tony Stark's Malibu mansion, causing it to topple into the ocean.

Iron Man 3 hospital2. Hospital Scene

– The New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, North Carolina was remade into Los Angeles Mercy Hospital for an Iron Man 3 scene. Both Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. were spotted on set. There was talk that the scene featured Pepper Potts inside the hospital, but it's unclear if she was injured or visiting someone who was injured. 1. Plane Crash Scene – Back in June, we reported that one of the major action scenes in Iron Man 3 would involve a plane crash, and there has been more evidence surface to support this theory. Iron Man 3 filmed a big scene at the Wilmington International Airport, and our sources told us about set elements that resembled a plane crash. Most recently photos and video have surfaced of people dangling in the air, as if they are falling from a plane.