Iron Man Armor Cosplay TikTok Goes Viral

One fan’s homemade Iron Man armor went viral on TikTok. Emily the Engineer, real name Emily Yarid, posted a video of how she managed to 3D print a replica of Tony Stark’s iconic suit. Now, that short clip has more than 57 million views at the time of writing. There’s no doubt that the craftsmanship on display is impressive, as is the technical know-how to get something this size to illuminate. She joined Good Morning America recently to talk about the development of the suit. TikTok can be an absolute boon for content creators now, and her popularity can easily underline that fact. For kids who feel inspired, she also had some advice on how they can achieve their dreams as well.

"I had spent about three days making this TikTok video about behind the scenes of me making this suit and I posted it about two hours before I went to my graduation ceremony," she explained. "I got there and I opened up my phone and it had absolutely started to blow up, so by the time the ceremony was over -- it was already gaining millions of views -- I honestly forgot about the fact that I graduated."

"I just did it because I was bored, but then I got to college and looked on it and was like, 'Hey, I can do better than that.' And since then honestly it's just kind of been a process of one-upping myself," Yaird continued. "I've got some back flaps that open up every time I press a button in my glove," the engineer gestured. "And then I've got a laser in my arm every time I pull my wrist down. Then I've got obviously the helmet that closes."

Finally, she added, "Start getting your hands dirty. Build things, get your hands on tools," she said. "Making stuff like this has helped me tremendously in things like co-ops, internships and stuff like that, so I definitely recommend getting your hands on stuff and building things."

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