Marvel Fan Builds Iron Man Mark 85 Entirely With 3D Printer

Marvel fans are still sad about the loss of Iron Man in Avenger: Endgame. One man has made his own [...]

Marvel fans are still sad about the loss of Iron Man in Avenger: Endgame. One man has made his own Mark 85 armor with a 3D printer. Frankly Built put together this stunning rendition and then painted it white. Instagram users are absolutely wowed by what you can accomplish with a 3D printer and some creativity. There will be a whole bunch of people watching the progress from afar and the finished product will be even more amazing when it's finished.

Weta Digital helped bring Stark's layered nano-tech armor and rendered the third-act Endgame battle where we saw everything the armor can do. recently had the chance to speak with Weta's visual effects supervisor Matt Aitken. Aitken laid out all the details that helped construct the last iteration of the Iron Man armor.

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It. Fits 🙏 Just ignore the missing shoe covers, hand toppers and knee caps 🤣 I forgot to put them on before I was in too deep 😂 oh well. This is the first time I’ve put everything on. And I’m so f*cking happy. # I’m glad I re-printed the helmet smaller. Lots of other builds I see look like bobble-heads. And the parts have wayyyyyyy less gaps than I had planned for. Just need some more padding and adjusting 😁 Can these LEDs get here already please? eBay? Please? Iron Man Mark 85 100% 3D Printed Sunlu Black PLA+ CR-10S Cura 4.0 w/ Creawesome #marvel #ironman #mark85 #mk85 #marvelstudios #cosplay #tonystark #endgame #infinitywar #3dprint #3dprinter #3dprinting #creality #cura #cr10 #cr10s #comicon #comiccon #mcmcomiccon #armor #suit #comics #mcu #do3d #hashtag #diy #tutorial #howto #franklybuilt

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"Here in Infinity War, and then subsequently in Endgame, he's got the Bleeding Edge nano-tech that he's developed," Aitken remembers. " And that's about this idea that the suit is actually made up of these nanoparticles that can kind of form a fluid and move around on the surface of the suit, and reform different weapons, and then kind of solidify and crystallize into a rigid, metal suit. We developed that tech for Infinity War, and then really extended it for Endgame for two particular sequences."

All those human systems played a huge role, then Aitken described the massive third act bout between Stark and the Mad Titan.

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Someone on Reddit suggested I primer the entire suit in White. What they didn’t know when they suggested it is I’m an absolute SUCKER for white mecha and suits. And turns out white primer is super cheap so why not. And I’m so happy I did. I’m actually really excited to try the suit on when it’s 100% white. I’ll call it the Mark 84 haha 😂 it also revealed lots of small imperfections I need to adjust and fix. Which is kind of the point haha Super happy to be moving along with this project. #ironman #marvel #marvelstudios #mark85 #mk85 #mk50 #mark50 #suit #armour #armor #cosplay #build #lifesize #endgame #avengers #avengers4 #final #3dprint #3dprinted #3dprinting #cura #creality #ultimaker #do3d #primer #diy #budget #athome #disney #iloveyou3000

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"There's the fight with Thanos towards the start of the third act, where he's generating a device we called the Lightning Refocuser," Aitken says. "Something that is able to capture Thor's lightning energy and then convert it into like a super blast of Iron Man repulsor energy, which he uses to attack Thanos. So that was nanotech and we got to contribute to the design of that particular manifestation of the suit's tech."