Joel McHale Wants a Superhero Role -- And He Has Talked to the Russos About It

During a conversation with, Community and The Soup star Joel McHale admitted that he [...]

During a conversation with, Community and The Soup star Joel McHale admitted that he has talked to his longtime friends and collaborators Joe and Anthony Russo about taking on a superhero role.

The Russos are developing a number of comic book properties both in and outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and some rumors have placed McHale as being in talks for the lead role in Quantum & Woody from the producers.

"Yeah, I've asked them to be Spider-Man like six times, and they keep telling me I can maybe play Spider-Man's grandpa," joked McHale "We probably text once a month, maybe twice a month, and they are possibly the busiest people on the planet. There may be something there in the future, and I would also love to work with Scott Derrickson, who directed Doctor Strange, who has been a friend of mine since the early 2000s. With the end of the 'hit' The Great Indoors on CBS, I'll hopefully develop something soon, which I can't tell you about because it isn't real yet."

While there is nothing to report -- yet? -- McHale admitted that he would like to have an opportunity to play in the superhero space.

"I love being a part of it and believe me, I cannot believe my good fortune that somebody dressed up as Shrek or as Master Chief will walk up to me and want my picture," McHale told "I would love to do something in that space as a TV show or movie, because I think it's some of the most exciting storytelling there is. It's funny that comic books were always kind of seen as a kid thing for years — and then I think Christopher Reeve changed that a bit with Superman and then of course Marvel and Kevin Feige came along and said, 'We'll show you this can be a trillion dollar business,' and now it dominates Hollywood."

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