Jon Bernthal Says Norman Reedus' Punisher Couldn't Touch His In A Fight

Earlier today, I had the chance to speak with Jon Bernthal about the upcoming release of Sicario.

However, when you talk to a guy who has played parts in a Scorsese film, is an integral part of The Walking Dead long after his character's demise, and will be playing the Punisher in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the topic may change a little bit.

Though Bernthal couldn't say much about his Punisher character in Daredevil's second season just yet aside from, "It's an honor to be tackling such a role," I found out he is pretty confident in his fighting abilities. See, Bernthal's Walking Dead co-star, Norman Reedus, voiced Frank Castle in Iron Man: Rise of the Technovore and if Reedus' Punisher ever met Bernthal's, he better watch out.

After asking which of their two Punishers would win in a fight, Bernthal sounded nothing but confident. "Look, outside of my family, there's nobody in this world I love like Norman Reedus," he explained. "I love that dude with everything I got. But his Punisher couldn't touch my Punisher."

Is this the first sign of hype for Bernthal's Punisher from Bernthal himself? I mean, we're all excited, but it's fun to hear that he is, too.

Daredevil's second season will be available on Netflix next year but in the mean time, Bernthal will be starring in Sicario, which hits theaters this weekend.

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