Jurassic World 4: David Leitch Reflects on Nearly Directing Next Sequel

David Leitch didn't end up taking the Jurassic World 4 directing job, which ultimately went to Gareth Edwards.

Universal is putting together the fourth film in the Jurassic World series (the seventh overall Jurassic movie) with Rogue One and Godzilla director Gareth Edwards at the helm. Before Edwards signed on, though, there was a period of several days when it appeared The Fall Guy and Deadpool 2 helmer David Leitch would be directing the project. Things ultimately fell through and Edwards was hired shortly after.

After news broke that talks fell through with Leitch, the word was that things between the filmmaker and the studio were very amicable, it just wasn't the right fit for the right movie. Leitch has finally opened up about not taking the Jurassic job, breaking it down on a new episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

"Yeah you're right. Like you said we have the privilege of choice and that's daunting," he said. "And it's true, though, and we sort of earned it in terms of the movies that we made and the success that they had. And hopefully the continued success, knock on wood. To be asked to be in those worlds you always want to take those conversations seriously. And I think we are creative and can find our ways into a lot of things, so it was a really great conversation to have. 

"To be in talks with Steven [Spielberg] and Frank [Marshall] about that franchise that's so dear to us, it was really a beautiful time. And I think ultimately you have to do what's best for the movie at hand and do what's best for you as an artist and make sure you could make the same movie with what you needed and at some point we just said... We just wanted to give that answer quickly because they have to go make this movie that everyone's excited to see, and they've landed on an obviously brilliant director who we love and respect. And it's gonna be amazing. You have too many great people on that for it not to be."

Gareth Edwards Taking on Jurassic World

After Edwards was reported as the new director for Jurassic World, he appeared at an event for his latest film, The Creator, and talked a little bit about landing the dream job.

"I was about to take a break and I started writing my next idea for a film and this is the only movie that would make me drop everything like a stone and dive right in," Edwards explained. "I love Jurassic Park. I think the first movie is a cinematic masterpiece... so this opportunity is like a dream to me. And to work with Frank Marshall and Universal and David Koepp, who's writing that script, I think they're all legends. So I'm just very excited."

Story details about this new Jurassic World are being kept under wraps, but the script is being written by original Jurassic Park screenwriter David Koepp. Original producer Frank Marshall has also returned to produce this new film. Steven Spielberg will serve as an executive producer for Amblin Entertainment.