Winona Ryder Says She's Actually Married to Keanu Reeves

It seems like a match made in heaven and the IRL ship of every goth's dreams, but Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves might actually be married, according to one star.

Ryder and Reeves revealed the story in a conversation with Entertainment Weekly where they spoke about their experiences filming Bram Stoker's Dracula. The two were speaking about their roles in the upcoming rom-com Destination Wedding when Ryder dropped the bombshell.

"We actually got married in Dracula." Ryder admitted. "No, I swear to god I think we’re married in real life."

She spoke about director Francis Ford Coppola's dedication to authenticity, indicating that the two might have actually tied the knot in Romania.

"In that scene, Francis used a real Romanian priest," Ryder said. "We shot the master and he did the whole thing. So I think we’re married."

Reeves, apparently, joked with Ryder upon learning of their vows, saying "It’s lovely to see you again," but Ryder talked him through the scene and told him that they went through the entire ceremony. "We said yes?"

She reminded him that the scene was filmed on Valentine's Day, prompting a revelation:

"Oh my gosh, we’re married."

Hopefully that priest never sent in that marriage license!


Reeves and Ryder can next be seen on August 31st in the new movie Destination Wedding, where the two play cranky singles who have both been invited to a wedding neither wants to attend. They end up stuck with each other and, perhaps, encounter the one person able to put up with them.

Reeves is currently filming John Wick 3: Parabellum, while Ryder is in the midst of production on Stranger Things 3. Those projects are set to premiere sometime in 2019.