Kevin Smith Is Giving His Harvey Weinstein Movie Residuals To Women's Charity

Harvey Weinstein's actions continue to ripple through Hollywood, and Kevin Smith is trying to deal [...]

Harvey Weinstein's actions continue to ripple through Hollywood, and Kevin Smith is trying to deal with the news by help some great causes.

Smith addressed Weinstein's actions on Hollywood Babble-On, where he revealed how distraught he is that a big portion of his career is connected to Weinstein (via Perez Hilton).

"My entire career is tied up with the man," Smith said. "Everything I did in the beginning has his name on it. And I spent many years lionizing him, telling stories. Whenever I tell the Clerks story, there's, you know, and then we got bought by Miramax."

Smith doesn't want that to be construed as he needs sympathy though. "I'm not a victim in this," Smith said. "This is not about me at all. We know who the victims are. But my shit is tied up with this man...I just wanted to make some f****** movies, that's it. That's why I came, that's why I made Clerks. And no f****** movie is worth all this. Like, my entire career, f*** it, take it. It's wrapped up in something really f****** horrible."

This has led Smith to figure out what he can do going forward to help those who have been affected by Weinstein's actions. "So I've been trying to think of what to do," Smith said. "Everyone on the Internet of course has an opinion; a lot of people when I said that I'm ashamed, I wrote a tweet saying I'm ashamed, a lot of people of course were like, 'Give all the money back.' Well, I don't have money from 20 years ago, do you?."

Smith ultimately did decide on a plan of action though, and it involves profiting off of his work with Weinstein.

"But that being said, I work in an industry where thankfully there are dividends that come out of a movie for the rest of your life, so there's such a thing as residuals, where I still get money for those movies, for the movies I made at Miramax and for the movies I made with at Weinstein. The first thing I feel like I can do is, I don't want that anymore," Smith said.

Smith will give all future residuals from films like Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and more to the organization Women In Film, a nonprofit that helps women in the film industry achieve their dreams. The future of the Weinstein Company is in limbo at the moment, but if for some reason the company goes belly up, he will then give $2000 a month to the organization for the rest of his life.

That achieving your dreams portion is very important to Smith, as it is something he would always talk about previously when referring to Weinstein.

"I know it's not my fault, but I didn't f****** help," Smith said. "Because I sat out there talking about this man like he was a hero, like he was my friend, like he was my father and s*** like that, and he changed my f****** life. And I showed other people, 'You can dream, and you can make stuff, and this man will put it out. I was singing praises of somebody that I didn't f****** know. I didn't know the man that they keep talking about in the press. Clearly he exists, but that man never showed himself to me. It all hurts, and it didn't happen to me, but it all hurts."

You can find out about Women In Film on their official website, where they do have an official statement on Weinstein.