Kevin Smith to Debut Clerks 3's First Five Minutes at Comic-Con

After two years of being a virtual event, San Diego Comic-Con is finally returning in person tomorrow. Last month, Marvel Studios announced their plans to have a panel in the infamous Hall H, but they're not the only ones with exciting content to present. Kevin Smith will be attending SDCC to promote his long-awaited threequel, Clerks III. On the latest episode of Smith's Fatman Beyond, the director talked about the difference between a Marvel panel and his own, revealing that he will be showing the first five minutes of Clerks III

"I'm doing a f*ck ton of Clerks III press while I'm there," Smith shared. "I hear Marvel has a panel. I hear that, because theirs is right before mine which is never a good sign," Smith joked. He added that Marvel "exhausts the shit" out of fans so by the time he presents content, folks are wiped out. "I'm gonna show the first five minutes of Clerks III, but all they have to do is be like, 'You know, here's Galactus' and everyone's like 'Baaaaah.' So, I guess it's good to follow them and stuff. I mean, it'd be better to be before them, because people will want seats and shit." 

Here's what Smith previously said about his upcoming SDCC appearance:

"I can't wait. We're taking over the Tin Roof Inn, turning it into a Mooby's, and that's going to be our hub for the whole week," Smith shared on a previous episode of Fatman Beyond. "So during the day, Mooby's will be open. We'll be doing some streaming things; I believe we're going to be doing Fatman Beyond live every day, like a kind of 'this is what happened at the con today'…and then at night, we'll be doing the shows in the space because we have the space for 150, 200 seat audience. Normally we do shows when we're down there...we'll do them there at the space, so people can eat Mooby's, get their drink on, watch the show. It's going to be a good time."

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Clerks III is coming to select theatres on September 13th and 15th. You can get tickets for The Convience Tour here. San Diego Comic-Con kicks off tomorrow, July 21st.