Liam Neeson Retiring From Action Movies Again

Though without a doubt a well known and celebrated actor throughout the 1980s and 90s, actor Liam [...]

Though without a doubt a well known and celebrated actor throughout the 1980s and 90s, actor Liam Neeson has Taken the world by storm after starring in Non-Stop action-thrillers that have Run All Night in movie theaters. It's a punch line at this point when a new one is released, with even Neeson himself being in on the gag, and back in 2017 he seemed to indicate that he was over it all, telling Sky News: "They're still throwing serious money at me to do that stuff. I'm like: 'Guy's I'm sixty-f******-five.' Audiences are eventually going to go: 'Come on.'" He later walked it back, telling Variety, "I'm going to be doing action movies until they bury me in the ground." Now though, he's serious.

"Oh, yeah. I think so," Neeson told ET when asked if he was hanging it all up. "I'm 68 and a half. 69 this year. There's a couple more I'm going to do this year -- hopefully, COVID allowing us -- there's a couple in the pipeline and, then I think that will probably be it. Well, unless I'm on a Zimmer frame or something....I've just finished one in Australia and I had a fight scene with a kid -- lovely, sweet actor called Taylor -- and halfway through the fight I looked up, I was breathless and it didn't cost him a cent, and I said, 'Taylor, what age are you?' He said, '25.'" Neeson laughs, "I said, 'That's the age of my eldest son!'"

If you were putting together The A-Team of older actors starring in action franchises, Neeson would no doubt be among them. It's Unknown what his next action-thrillers will be despite he's tease, but we can no doubt imagine they'll feature him playing a character with some of The Grey morals he's known for, while in the Cold Pursuit of vengeance.

One place that fans want to see Neeson show back up is in the galaxy far, far away. The upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series in the works for Disney+ offers a perfect opportunity for that, with rumors even circulating that Neeson will appear. The actor shot that down in an interview earlier this week and in fact previously said he has no interest in appearing in big budget movies like Star Wars or Batman Begins again.

"I'll be honest with you, no. It's not. I'm really not a huge fan of the genre. I think it's Hollywood with all the bells and whistles and the technical achievements and stuff -- which I admire -- but I have no desire to go into the gym for three hours every day to pump myself up to squeeze into a Velcro suit with a cape," Neeson shared in an interview last year. "I admire the actors and I know some of the actors who do it -- and do it fantastically. It's just not my genre, it really isn't. The first Star Wars, I was in that, that was 22 years ago, and I enjoyed that, because it was novel and that was new. I was acting to tennis balls, which were ultimately going to be little fuzzy furry creatures and stuff. That was interesting, acting-wise, to try and make that seem real, but that was the last. It's quite exhausting."