Logan Star Dafne Keen Addresses Her Future as X-23 With Marvel Studios

Ever since Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox, Marvel fans have been eager for the X-Men to [...]

Ever since Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox, Marvel fans have been eager for the X-Men to become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While actual plans for how the iconic superhero team will become part of the massive MCU remain unknown, it hasn't stopped people from wondering which characters would make the leap and what actors would bring them to life as recasts are likely for some iconic characters -- such as Wolverine as Hugh Jackman has said he's done with the character. But for Jackman's Logan costar Dafne Keen, the opportunity to play Laura/X-23 again is one that she'd definitely be open to.

Speaking with ComicBook.com, Keen said that she would "100 percent" want to play Laura again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe should she have the opportunity.

"Yes, definitely," Keen said. "100 percent."

Set in 2029, Logan saw a world in which the mutant population had significantly dwindled and the X-Men disbanded. Logan/Wolverine, whose healing powers were failing, spent his days caring for an aging Professor X (Sir Patrick Stewart) until a woman asks Logan to drive a girl, Laura (Keen) to the Canadian border. As the story unfolds, it's revealed that Laura was created from Logan's DNA and is being pursued by the villainous Reavers for the corporation who created her.

Keen's portrayal of Laura in the film drew critical acclaim and during ComicBook.com's Quarantine Watch Party of the X-Men movie in May, director James Mangold and star Jackman both had nothing but praise for Keen.

"There's no way this film works w/o the remarkable Daphne Keen. By the film's 2nd half, the tables have turned & she is carrying the entire movie as Logan has retreated in sickness & self doubt. & of course, she holds the final frame," Mangold wrote.

Jackman said that he knew Keen was perfect for Laura when she punched him during auditions.

"When [Mangold] came up [with] the character of Laura, and that the movie was in essence about family we were worried about finding the right fit. Until we met [Keen]. The first day we auditioned her ... she punched me in the arm so hard, I was literally bruised the next day. Hired," Jackman wrote.

As for Jackman, Keen had kind words for the actor's influence on her while making Logan, nothing that she learned a great deal from him not only about acting but about being humble as well.

"I guess that Hugh and Patrick really formed me as an actress. Just watching them on camera was amazing. They made me feel really comfortable on set," she said. "I had an amazing time, it never felt like working. I never wanted to leave set. They taught me so much, honestly, just... I don't even know what they taught me. It was so intensive that just watching them, I soaked everything they did up like a sponge. This doesn't have to do with acting, but I remember seeing how humble Hugh was with everyone really made me think, 'If I ever become famous or whatever I don't want it to get to my head and I want to be as humble and as grounded as Hugh.'"

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