Love and Monsters: Dylan O'Brien and Jessica Henwick Reveal Secret to Great Drunk Face

Being sober and acting drunk is not as easy as it might sound, even if the only way to pass time in 2020 is throwing back Oreo's and tequila so the latter would be coming a bit more naturally. In Love and Monsters, though, stars Dylan O'Brien and Jessica Henwick were both tasked with delivering a convincing drunken demeanor as their characters were both anything but sober at different points in the film. As it turns out, such a performance is a good time, and the pair of actors opened up about the fun they had while working on Love and Monsters while talking to, as seen in the video above!

As it turns out, you just have to look at yourself after a few drinks -- and do that!

"The thing is I've seen recordings of myself drunk so it's actually pretty easy to just mimic that like my eyes just get really like my eyes get really sleepy," Henwick said with a laugh. "I just look like I'm permanently on the verge of falling asleep. So that was my big thing. That was actually more fun stuff that I'm sad was taken out."

There was plenty of time to rehearse the drunk face, too. "Dylan taught me all these drinking games when we were in Australia," Henwick said, calling back to a set which sounds like was nothing short of an absolute blast for the cast and crew.

O'Brien described his experiences with his co-star: "Tired and so happy, you are, as a drunk!" The chemistry in joking together over a Zoom interview is clear and it shows when the two are on screen together, battling giant creatures in Love and Monsters.


O'Brien went into further detail about their experience on set, which often called for extensive use of their imaginations. "They would they drag out this gigantic blow up crab that they ordered to have from China," he said of one sequence which pitted their characters against a crab which had to be about 20x the size it should've been. "It was like to take a reference sometimes, like it would obviously never be there when we were shooting, but it was hilarious that it even existed, but that whole set was real. Like they made that whole beach set so the environment was totally practical. I remember being on the beach and literally like mapping out like my fight with this crab or like where it would hit and how I would this whole like backing up sequence just all like making it up on the spot, okay like first it sweeps my legs and then I can roll over as it comes down like this and then I'll scurry up and then it'll knock over that house thing and like all just doing it to nothing, so much fun."

Love and Monsters hit on-demand services on October 16.