Lucy Lawless Weighs in on Fan Demands to Join Massive Franchises

Thanks in large part to Xena: Warrior Princess showing off her action-star skills, whenever fans [...]

Thanks in large part to Xena: Warrior Princess showing off her action-star skills, whenever fans start speculating about performers that could join a major blockbuster, actor Lucy Lawless is a name that is often tossed around. While there are certainly elements of joining a major franchise that appeal to Lawless, she recently detailed that taking on an action-packed endeavor has never really been up her alley and she's happy to leave that part of her career behind her, while also admitting she'd like to take on some opportunities behind the camera. Lawless can next be seen in Season 2 of My Life Is Murder, which premieres on Acorn TV on August 30th.

"Of course, you always want to do a blockbuster. That's bloody fun and everything," Lawless revealed to when discussing fan desires for her to join another franchise. "I must say, I'm really over action. That was never my gig and I just muscled through it, but hated all that. What do I prefer? I think apart from My Life As Murder, I have interests behind the camera and I see myself ... That's where I see myself going. I don't need to be seen ever again."

She added, "Oh wait, I forgot. I am in a blockbuster, I'm part of Minions this year. Which is coming out, actually, they pushed it to next year. But I'm part of that, part of The Spine Of Night, which is this crazy ... I had to support that, I had to jump on board because it was so weird. I was like, these people are doing something different and I think that's coming out in some format right now. I can't remember what. It will come out soon. But yeah, those are my two blockbusters, but I'm in Minions and it's super, I'm super excited about that."

Fans have been so passionate to see Lawless join a new franchise, petitions and social media campaigns were launched to have Lawless take over the role of Cara Dune in The Mandalorian from Gina Carano.

In Season 2 of My Life Is Murder, "Alexa (Lawless)finds herself back in her home country of New Zealand for the first time in years and can't help herself when she is asked to look into a bizarre unsolved murder. Joined again by her partner-in-crime-solving, Madison Feliciano (Ebony Vagulans), as well as series newcomers including the charismatic detective Harry (Rawiri Jobe) and café owner Reuben (Joe Naufahu), she quickly finds herself investigating other murder mysteries in surprising, glamorous worlds filled with intriguing characters who are hiding dangerous and deadly secrets."

Season 2 of My Life Is Murder premieres on Acorn TV on Monday, August 30th.

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