Mahershala Ali Reveals What He Might Look Like as MCU's Blade

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting a much-anticipated edition in the form of Blade, and it [...]

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting a much-anticipated edition in the form of Blade, and it will be none other than Mahershala Ali bringing the character to life for his big MCU debut. We don't have many details regarding the Blade reboot, though we do know that this is a role Ali truly wanted. While we will have to wait a bit long for any concrete details about the film, Ali did recently give us a look at what he will probably look like in the film thanks to a sketch he shared on his Instagram. The sketch features Ali's likeness with a very Blade-style haircut, some slick shades, a necklace with a cross around his neck, and a sword ready to slice and dice vampires on his back. He posted it with the simple caption •⚔️ •, and you can check it out in the image below.

Ali is one of the best actors working in Hollywood, so to not only have him in the MCU but also have him bring back a fan-favorite character is a dream come true. If someone was going to try and follow the high bar set by Wesley Snipes in the original Blade films, Ali is one of just a few that can make it happen.

Snipes appeared in the original Blade, Blade II, and Blade Trinity, and over the years there have been lots of talks with Marvel about bringing the character back. Snipes was surprised by the casting when it was announced but has nothing but kind words for Ali.

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"To all the DAYWALKERS losing their minds right now, chillaaxx. Although the news comes as a surprise, it's ALL GOOD. Such is the 'business' of 'entertainment!' Much peace to the MCU crew - always a fan," Snipes said. "Honor and respect to the grandmaster Stan. Congratulations and Salaam to Mahershala Ali, a beautiful and talented artist whose expressions I look forward to experiencing for many years to come. Inshallah, we will someday work together. Most importantly to my loyal fans, the incredible outpouring of love is overwhelming. I am grateful for the never-ending support. So, 'nah fret nah worry, it's not de end of de story.' Welcome to the Daywalker Klique."

Who knows, maybe Snipes will still be a part of the film somehow, which would make any Marvel fan lose their mind if it somehow came to be.

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