Mallrats 2: Kevin Smith Wants Fans to Choose Title (Exclusive)

Filmmaker Kevin Smith has been openly speaking about plans for a Mallrats sequel for many years [...]

Filmmaker Kevin Smith has been openly speaking about plans for a Mallrats sequel for many years but the filmmaker has been touting a recent draft that he intends to shoot sometime in the near future. Smith has previously revealed that the new draft is titled Twilight of the Mallrats (his original version of the sequel was Mallrats 2: Die Hard in a Mall) but now he's having second thoughts. Speaking exclusively with, Smith revealed another idea for the film's title and that he wants his fans to choose which one they prefer.

"The big question right now, and we can throw this out to the audience too, two titles," Smith revealed. "I love Twilight of the Mallrats, but the other day I put up an Instagram post where it was me and Ethan together and I wrote Mallrats Too, T-O-O, and somebody was like, 'There's your title.' I was like, 'Oh sh*t, was it that obvious? Did I miss it?' So you got two options. Would you rather see ... In a world where you are looking to see a Mallrats sequel, I understand not everyone is, but if you're someone that's interested in this sort of thing would you rather that movie be called Twilight of the Mallrats or simply Mallrats Too? Let's leave that up to the audience man."

Perhaps the history of movie sequels that have used the "Too" spelling rather than "Two" should be enough to convince many to avoid it. '80s sequels like Teen Wolf Too and Look Who's Talking Too are notoriously terrible follow-ups, perhaps scaring off many from using it for decades. Recent comedies Think Like a Man Too and Why Did I Get Married Too? both attempted this as well, though they were also met with critical pans they did at least manage to make money at the box office.

No matter which title Smith decides to go with for the sequel, his script accounts for all of the characters that appeared in the original film and includes (Ethan Suplee), Gwen (Joey Lauren Adams), Brandy (Claire Forlani), T.S. (Jeremy London), Trish (Renée Humphrey), Mr. Svenning (Michael Rooker), LaFours (Sven-Ole Thorsen), and (naturally) Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Smith). Bruce Campbell will also be joining the cast of the new Mallrats. Though Ben Affleck's character Shannon Hamilton also appears in the script, it's unclear if the actor will appear in the movie once cameras are able to roll.