Mark Hamill Responds to Guardians of the Galaxy Cameo Rumors

The second the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special debuted on Disney+, fans were quick to point out a cameo by an actor who appeared to look all too similar to Mark Hamill. After the moment went viral over the weekend, Hamill's son Nathan debunked any such notion, suggesting the actor in question was not, in fact, his father. Now, Mark himself is adding an additional layer of mystery to the situation.

Saturday, Mark retweeted his son's tweet, adding a simple two words: "It's not?"

Is Mark Hamill in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3?

Hamill and Guardians helmer James Gunn have been candid on their friendship on social media, with many suggesting the Star Wars alumnus could end up appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe through one of Gunn's projects.

"I'm a huge fan of James Gunn, there's no doubt about that. I've seen all of his stuff, from Slither through the Guardians movies, and I think he's great," Hamill told last year. "We touched base because one Sunday night, I discovered he said something on Twitter and I replied back to him, he was answering a question, he said, 'I suppose I could ask Mark, I hear he's a neighbor of mine,' which was news to me. So we went back and forth and it was great fun and I said, 'I'd love to meet you, not only as a good neighbor, but also as an out-of-work actor.' I was hardly subtle about it."

He continued, "He came over with his girlfriend and spent the afternoon, we had a great time, but we never talked about me working for him or anything like that. He was just a friend. I'd never put him on the spot like that, so we'll see what happens. But he doesn't need me, his movies are really well cast and I just really enjoy watching them."

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