M. Night Shymalan Has Talked With Studios For Marvel/DC Movies

M. Night Shymalan could one day be putting his twist on the comic book movie as we know it. The [...]

M. Night Shymalan could one day be putting his twist on the comic book movie as we know it. The writer/director has already fulfilled his own super hero dreams when he surprised everyone with an Unbreakable sequel in the form of Split which lead to Glass rounding out a trilogy. As he gears up to release the second season of Servant with Apple TV+, Shyamalan talked with ComicBook.com in an interview where he was asked if he has talked with studios about Marvel, DC, or other super hero properties for movie ideas. As it turns out, he has.

"I've had many conversations over the years about many of the superheroes with many of the studios that own them, and how would wanna approach it," Shyamalan says in the inverview featured in the above video. "And it's one of those things that I think this my style, if there was ever a situation I mean, I said, 'I did it.' I made my comic book movie the way I wanted to make my comic book movie, but the minimalism, the insinuating, the not using CGI all of that stuff is a very different language. So, whenever we've had those conversations in the past about XYZ person, it's your character or franchise. I get so nervous about like, 'Hey, this is not what you would want me to do make it very quiet and tiny and introspective.'"

As comic book movies have shown tremendous range in recent years with titles like Logan and Joker breaking the mold and being focused heavily on one character, perhaps Shyamalan could come around to such an idea in the future.

In fact, it sounds like Shyamalan would need a bit of convincing to jump in to any franchise, even if it were to make his own original title a continued story. "You never say never but I don't believe I'd ever make a sequel, but the Unbreakable script in its entirety, was essentially the three movies," Shyamalan explained. "When I first outlined it, it was all those three movies in one go. And I was like, 'This is impossible! I can't write this in two hours.' And so I pulled out Kevin Wendell Crumb's character out of Unbreakable. And I said 'All right, I'll do that. Let's just make the first act of this story and Unbreakable.' So that's how it, and so I was intending to do a Split right away essentially, but it didn't pan out."

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For now, fans of Shyamalan can look forward to his next efforts with Servant when Season 2 debuts on Apple TV+ on January 12.