MIchael B Jordan Would Gladly Suit Up as a Super Hero again


On the Bill Simmons Podcast (via ComicBookMovie), he recently had a lengthy interview with actor Michael B. Jordan. While the interview was primarily there for Creed, his new critically-acclaimed film in theaters this weekend, Jordan also talked about what was basically the exact opposite experience, Fantastic Four.

Jordan, of course, dealt with issues directly from casting for that film, as racist internet commenters were upset that Human Torch wasn't white. Perhaps the worse problem came when it was released, though, as the film was reviled by critics and fans alike, and became one of the summer's biggest flops. The sequel from Fox has now officially been taken off the schedule, and the franchise's future is up in the air.

"I got out of there pretty clean, you know, it's one of those things where it was a lesson for me that really made me realize that things aren't in your control," Jordan said of the movie's failure. "You can get up everyday and be like 'I'm going to give 110% to this one thing' or to anything and it still not turn out how people want it or how you expected it to and it doesn't mean that you're a failure or it doesn't mean that you didn't do a great job, it just means that as a whole, as a project, there are so many other pieces that are moving that have nothing to do with you that determine the outcome of a film, so that was kinda one of those things that I had to come to terms with."

But that doesn't mean he wouldn't try out another superhero costume.

"You know I would gladly do it again," Jordan said of playing another superhero. "It was a - me being a comic book fan, and yeah, for that - it was just a dream come true being able to play that character."


Of course, Jordan's predecessor in the role, Chris Evans, went on to play Captain America for Marvel Studios, so anything's possible. If they decide to go the Falcon-Cap route in the future and Anthony Mackie's not up for it, maybe Jordan can step in and play a double-legacy.