Disney CEO Offers Update on 'National Treasure 3'

Fans of both history and Nic Cage can breathe easy today as it Disney CEO Bob Iger guaranteed that [...]

Fans of both history and Nic Cage can breathe easy today as it Disney CEO Bob Iger guaranteed that there was still some life left in the National Treasure franchise. We might not see the third film in the series any time soon, but it's far from dead.

Iger took questions from shareholders during Disney's annual meeting on Thursday in St. Louis, Missouri. While many of these shareholders asked about the situation with the parks or Disney's upcoming streaming service, one woman knew exactly what question the world needed answers to, and she asked Iger directly. "What's going on with National Treasure 3?"

Thankfully, Iger didn't shy away from the question, as he revealed that the third installment in the beloved mystery franchise is still a regular topic of conversation with producers and executives. Jerry Bruckheimer, who brought the franchise to life for Disney, still wants to make a third movie. The only problem at this time is that the studio hasn't found the right way to make it all work. So, while there is still interest in making National Treasure 3, Iger said that "nothing has been greenlit" just yet.

It's unfortunate to hear that the sequel isn't already in the works, but this should be seen as good news for fans. There is still life left in National Treasure, and getting a sequel at Disney should only get easier from here. With the acquisition of 21st Century Fox, Disney will have more movie-making resources than ever, not to mention a shiny new streaming service launching later this year. The company is already working on several original films for the Disney+ service, and National Treasure 3 would likely be a great project for that format. So if losing money in theaters is the issue, Disney will soon have a solution.

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