Netflix Scores $60 Million in Tax Credits, Including $14.2 Million For a Pop Tart Origin Story Starring Jerry Seinfeld

Over the years, Netflix has become known for an ever-growing roster of original films, with subscribers expected to experience a number of new blockbusters in the near future. According to a new announcement by the California Film Commission on Monday, four new projects will soon be joining that list. The streaming service has reportedly been awarded $60.3 million in state tax credits for four new projects — Atlas, Beverly Hills Cop 4, Family Leave, and Unfrosted. These numbers significantly outgross Disney's $27.2 million, Warner Bros.' $16.2 million, and Amazon's $16 million. Netflix previously earned the most tax credits — $43.3 million — in August of 2021.

The announcement of Unfrosted has already made headlines, as it will be a biopic recounting the creation of the Pop Tart breakfast pastry. The film, which was awarded $14.2 million in credits, will have Jerry Seinfeld writing, directing, producing, and starring in the project.

"We are so happy to get the California tax credit which enables us to make our whole movie there," Seinfeld said in a statement. "Having made all of the Seinfeld series in L.A., I very much wanted to come back and shoot there again. On behalf of everyone working on the movie, we really appreciate the great welcome."

The other projects include the Jennifer Lopez-led sci-fi thriller Atlas, which was awarded $20.5 million. There's also Family Leave, a body-switch comedy that will star Jennifer Garner.

"As an actor, producer and mother, it's impossible to overstate what shooting locally means to me and other families in this industry," Garner said in a statement. "I've been lucky to work with some of the greatest crew members of my career here in California, and I'm looking forward to reconnecting with some of my home team friends on this project."

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