New Gods: Ava DuVernay Gives Update on Script

DC's roster of films is continuing to evolve in some interesting ways, with a slew of the [...]

DC's roster of films is continuing to evolve in some interesting ways, with a slew of the company's characters expected to hit the big screen sooner than later. One of the most intriguing films on that list is New Gods, a take on the cosmic group of beings of the same name. Selma and A Wrinkle in Time director Ava DuVernay is set to direct the film, and is currently co-writing the script with Batman and Mister Miracle writer Tom King. While updates have been relatively scarce regarding the film, DuVernay took to Twitter on Tuesday to let fans know how the script is going, and to say that she's enjoying further exploring "the mind and musings of Jack Kirby" while writing the script with King.

New Gods will tell the story of the residents of New Genesis and Apokolips, two twin planets that are engaged in an epic cosmic war. While details around the film's plot are currently a mystery, DuVernay previously confirmed that Darkseid, the tyrannical ruler of Apokolips, and the Female Furies, a group of women warriors, would definitely make an appearance.

"I feel like I have this genius, Jack Kirby, who created this [series] and this genius Ava DuVernay," King explained in an interview previously. "I see them as parallel figures, both taking their uniquely American backgrounds and using them to push American art forward into places it's never been before. I feel like it's job to bring those two geniuses to together and to make it work."

In the meantime, DuVernay is still definitely working in the DC universe, working on an adaptation of Vertigo Comics' DMZ for HBO Max, which was given a series order last month. She also is developing a television series based on the DC superhero Naomi for The CW, alongside Arrow producer Jill Blankenship.

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