Paddington Is Now Streaming on Peacock

Though his sequel gets all the headlines, the 2014 live-action reboot of Paddington has a new [...]

Though his sequel gets all the headlines, the 2014 live-action reboot of Paddington has a new streaming home with NBC Universal's Peacock now having the film. Filmmaker Paul King wrote and directed the movie, based on the books by Michael Bond, and feature Ben Whishaw as the voice of Paddington Bear. The film would go on to become a certified hit upon release, nabbing a 97% "Certified Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes and grossing over $260 million at the global box office. All that success naturally lead to the sequel, but sadly, Paddington 2 is not streaming for free on any platforms currently.

Recently it was confirmed by Studiocanal that Paddington 3 is officially in active development. In a statement the studio wrote: "We can confirm Studiocanal is working very hard on film 3 with the utmost craft and care — as with film 1 and 2." Specific details surrounding the project are currently under wraps, although that surely won't stop fans from getting hyped about the idea of seeing the lovable stuffed bear onscreen again. It's unclear if Paul King will return for the third film in the series, having written and directed the first two, as he's currently attached to a Willy Wonka prequel movie at Warner Bros.

Though Paddington 2 is more beloved than the first film in the series, it recently found itself back in the news after what can only be described as a kerfuffle occurred at Rotten Tomatoes. Earlier this year a negative review of the classic movie Citizen Kane was found and added to the film's page on the review aggregator, lowering its score from 100% to 99%. This prompted fans of Paddington 2 to proclaim that the film was officially the best movie of all time (even thought since its premiere the sequel has held the title of "Best Reviewed Movie on Rotten Tomatoes," eclipsing Citizen Kane's total reviews by several hundred).

"It's extremely lovely to be on any list which includes Citizen Kane, but it is obviously quite an eccentric list that goes from Citizen Kane to Paddington 2, so I'll try not to take it too seriously," King previously said about the news to THR. "I won't let it go too much to my head and immediately build my Xanadu. But I have been cooking up a model just in case."

Not long after all this however came a previously un-submitted negative review for Paddington 2, lowering that film's score to 99% as well.