Paramount Removes Micronauts Movie From Release Calendar

Micronauts is the latest movie delayed to the ongoing global pandemic. Friday night, Paramount [...]

Micronauts is the latest movie delayed to the ongoing global pandemic. Friday night, Paramount removed Micronauts from its release schedule, taking it off its June 2021 release date and moving it to an unknown date in the future. The project was technically first announced as early as 2009, as part of a huge investment by Paramount and Hasbro into the world of filmmaking.

At one point, the Micronauts franchise was supposed to be set in a massive cinematic universe that included features using other Hasbro properties like GI Joes, Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light, M.A.S.K., and ROM. At the time, Paramount assembled a star-studded writer's room that included Brian K. Vaughan, Nicole Perlman, Michael Chabon, Brian K. Vaughan, Lindsey Beer, Cheo Coker, John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein, Joe Robert Cole, Jeff Pinkner, Nicole Riegel, and Geneva Robertson-Dworet.

The film initially received a first release date for this October, which was then bumped back to its June 4, 2021 release date. It wasn't until last September Paramount announced Dean DeBlois would pull double-duty as both writer and director. DeBlois became a prominent name in Hollywood circles for his work directing animated features like Lilo & Stitch and How to Train Your Dragon.

Nothing else surfaced for the movie until earlier this year when potential casting breakdowns came to light in February.

Those casting breakdowns can be seen below.

  • [Female Explorer of Color] - Lead, Female. Diverse 3rd in command to a group of space explorers and the main character of the film.
  • [Female Leader Soldier] - Lead, Female. The leader and 1st in command to a group of space explorers.
  • [Male Soldier] - Lead, Male. 2nd in command to the group of space explorers.
  • [Teenage Male Lead] - Male (16 - 20) Lead. Think Shia/Hailee in Transformers/Bumblebee.
  • ["Seen It alI" Explorer] - Supporting, Male.
  • [Alien Explorer] - Supporting, Male.
  • [Female Villain] - Supporting, Female.
  • [Lead Villian] - Supporting, Male.
  • [Robot Explorer] - Supporting, Male or Female.

The movie is based on the same toys first released by Mego in the late-1970s. The toyline stopped production in 1980 and was eventually sold off to Hasbro in 2016. The world-class toymaker then released a limited edition set for San Diego Comic-Con that year.

Even more popular than the Micronauts toyline is the Marvel Comics series bearing the same, which ran for over 80 issues between two volumes.

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