All the Easter Eggs in Disney Pixar Short Films

Pixar has been known to hide Easter Eggs and clever references throughout all of its feature films, but did you know that the studio's short films are packed with hidden gems as well?

On Friday, the Disney/Pixar YouTube channel uploaded a video about all of the Easter Eggs inside Pixar shorts. While some are fairly obvious and have likely been seen before, there are plenty of secrets within the video.

You can watch the full video above!

The first Easter Egg in the compilation takes fans to the most recent short, Dante's Lunch. At one point in the Coco-inspired short film, Dante runs by a young boy eating street corn. If you look closely enough at his feet, the kid is seen wearing Lightning McQueen shoes, inspired by the popular Cars character.

From there, the video moves on to show all of the references hidden within Toy Story of Terror. This long list includes a Luxo Lamp on a desk office, the grave of a fallen superhero from The Incredibles, and even a Sully-inspired toilet seat cover. The other popular Toy Story short, Toy Story that Time Forgot, has a couple of fake board games inspired by various Pixar films. The short even includes the famous Pizza Planet truck if you look closely enough.


Throughout many of these shorts, you'll find nods to the original Pixar cartoons, such as Knick Knack and Tin Toy.

To see all of the Easter Eggs from the Pixar shorts, check out the video above!